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 Windsor Metal vase 34 cm aluminium antique gold Windsor Metal vase 34 cm aluminium antique gold
Vendor: K&B London
Price: £118.00
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Looking to add some luxury to your home or commercial spaces? Our category of decorative products offers a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Our collection includes high-quality and stylish accessories that will give your interiors a sophisticated and elegant look. We offer a variety of decorative items, such as sculptures, vases, walls art, mirrors and more, that are made from the finest materials and feature unique designs. With our luxury decorative products, you can create a luxurious and comfortable space that reflects your personal style. Don't wait, browse our selection today and find the perfect finishing touches for your home or business.

Are you looking for luxurious and designer decorations, thanks to which you will arrange the interior of your dreams? Check our bold designs and stylishly collection of accessories

Home accessories, thanks to which you can create elegant and luxurious arrangements in the living room, dining room, bedroom and even in the corridor. Hand-made and finished decorations from K&B London include, above all, a very large wall clock, as well as fireplace clocks, vases and exclusive vases, designer blankets and pillows, eye-catching flower pots, sculptures for interiors, unique containers and boxes, and colorful ceramics.

Create an extraordinary place of relaxation with decorations from K&B London. The high quality of decorations offered in the online store, as well as the perfect finish of individual products make everyone love the sculptures, vases, mirrors, paintings, flower pots, tableware offered in the store.

Decorations for an elegant home allow you to easily change the interior arrangement depending on the season. Small changes in the decoration of the living room can completely change the room.

Shopping at K&B London means high quality of the products received, the highest level of service, fast implementation, always free delivery, amazing products!

Our luxurious collection of beautiful handmade decorations will make you fall in love with K&B items at first sight! Exclusive and elegant home accessories will allow you to create your dream arrangements - in the living room, bedroom, hallway, dining room, and even in the bathroom! Delicate candles and hand-made candlesticks together with spectacular lanterns will delight lovers of candlelight. Luxurious sculptures of various shades are distinguished by their unique symbolism. Exclusive paintings and mirrors will allow you to decorate the walls at home, but they will also be luxurious decorations ideal for an office, restaurant or hotel. See also our vases - intended for live or artificial flowers, made of hand-blown glass, ceramics, as well as aluminum or iron. You will be delighted with the original design of our interior accessories and their high quality. We use carefully selected materials and use the services of the best craftsmen to create dazzling interior decorations!


Your dream home at your fingertips

Check how beautiful the interior of your home can look decorated with our luxurious homeware. The decor of your home will gain an exclusive character thanks to beautifully made decorations, next to which no one will be able to pass by indifferently.

If you like to stand out from the crowd and you have a sense of style and taste - you will immediately fall in love with our spectacular and designer decorations.


Check how exclusive our artisan made products can look in your interior. Every piece of luxury homeware from K&B London is unique.


Why is luxury home decor some important?

People buy home decor for a variety of reasons. Some people buy home decor to improve the appearance of their home, to make it more comfortable or inviting, or to reflect their personal style and taste. Others may buy home decor as a form of self-expression, to showcase their interests and hobbies, or to create a specific mood or atmosphere in their home. Still, others may buy home decor to make their home more functional, by adding storage solutions, organization tools, or other functional items. In general, people buy home decor to enhance their living space and make it more enjoyable to live in. Overall, home decor plays a vital role in enhancing the look, feel, and functionality of a home.

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